Why A Wolverine Statue Is Exactly What Edmonton Needs

It started as a joke, but there’s a possibility that a Wolverine statue will be built in Edmonton, Alberta. And it really should. Here’s why the city should considering casting everybody’s favorite hairy short Canadian in bronze.

Nerds Would Pay For It

The most recent pop culture statue, Robocop, wasn’t a publicly funded venture: It was a semi-jokey Kickstarter that got some momentum and became a real thing. There probably isn’t a comic reading nerd out there who wouldn’t throw a few bucks to achieve the ultimate in Wolverine Publicity.

It’s Surprisingly Cheap

You’d think a gigantic chunk of bronze would be expensive but apparently it’s under $100,000. Of course, the original proposal, a satire of local stadium propaganda, originally called for a statue that was a thousand feet tall, but realistically a ten-footer would make more sense. Which, really, is a great argument for just crowdsourcing every monument from now on. Most municipalities can’t get a statue erected for under seven figures.

The Irony Is That It Would Probably Help Edmonton In Terms Of Tourism

Let’s face it, Alberta is not exactly the top of the list for travel destinations. That’s not a knock to the province: It’s a lovely place. But the fact of the matter is, they’re kind of behind in the tourism stakes.

A Wolverine statue probably wouldn’t fix the city’s problems, but it probably would attract more tourism. If some town in the middle of Iowa can host a Star Trek convention every year, a Wolverine statue would probably help draw nerds to a festival celebrating all things Wolverine.

So, think about it, Edmonton. Especially since it means my proposal for a Mulder and Scully fresco in Vancouver might finally get some traction.

Thanks to the Surly Badger for the tip!