Why Is The Internet Freaking Out About Jennifer Lawrence’s New Bodyguard?

Something strange happened on the Internet today. Online publications from Us Weekly to In Touch to The Huffington Post started writing about a male non-celebrity we’ve never seen before. His name? Greg. His job? Guarding Jennifer Lawrence’s life (and carrying her dog).

Lawrence’s fans are also way excited about her new security detail. While People managed to keep their delight to a dull roar (they only mention he’s been following J-Law around), the star’s followers are in a tizzy over Greg who’s apparently got the biceps of a god (which I would not know about because the only exercise I get is eating Pringles while I watch TV).

First of all, here’s what the dude looks like:

And here are just some fan reactions to the guy’s smoldering good looks, collected by people for your enjoyment:

Also, this person is asking the real questions:

Greg doesn’t seem to be currently trending, but the guy’s got to go outside with the actress maybe five, six times a day How soon before we know everything about him and he’s got his own TV special?

(Via People)