Why Is YouTube Taking Down Rick Perry Parodies?

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12.08.11 2 Comments

If you’re on the Internet, you know Cracked. It’s one of the biggest humor sites on the Internet, and for a reason. Especially when it comes to quick turnaround.

But, apparently, that doesn’t cut much ice with YouTube, especially when it comes to political parodies.

Cody Johnston and Dan O’Brien, two of the site’s editors, have tried to post their parody of Rick Perry’s, ah, unpopular television ad at least twice, only to see it taken down both time for “nudity and sexual content.” (You can now watch the “controversial” video of here.)

The problem being that Johnston and O’Brien got that sexual content from another video on…wait for it…YouTube! We don’t want to ruin the video, but let’s just say it’s thematically apt with Perry’s long-rumored secret private life.

So, gay kissing on YouTube is OK. Rick Perry trolling the Internet on YouTube is OK. But making fun of Rick Perry trolling the Internet with gay kissing on YouTube is not OK? Care to explain this one?

With that said, the world is a better place for the existence of the parody below, that is until YouTube takes it down for containing nudity…

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