This Wife Texts Her Husband All The Insane Things He Says When He’s Asleep

The quality of the sex isn’t the only important thing about sleeping with someone. There’s also what your partner does when they’re actually sleeping. Mediocre lovin’ is one thing — having them snore or sleep-talk through the night is another. It’s a deal breaker (ladies) for some, but not Lindsay. She’s amused by what her husband, Aidan, says while he’s snoozing.

Two years ago, she started texting him all the insane things he spits out in the middle of the night. “I always thought it was hilarious,” she told BuzzFeed, “and I tried to coax as much out of him as I could from the very beginning.” They had entire conversations about “my guy’s stuff,” “smash time,” and preschool, despite the fact that only one of them was awake.

Aidan recently uploaded some of his favorite chats to Imgur:

[protected-iframe id=”67877c7aa0096ccd38aa7ecad5a340ed-60970621-60062467″ info=”//” class=”imgur-embed-pub” width=”650″ height=”475″]

There’s one personal favorite Lindsay wasn’t able to record.

“He started talking about how he and I were sparring partners,” she said. “I asked him what he meant and he replied, ‘You know, like fighting.’ He lifted his hand and struck me on the nose with the back of his closed fist, very gently. He even said ‘boop’ as he did it.” (Via)


(Via Imgur)