Will Ferrell Is Kind Of A Big Deal At Mardi Gras

I’m going to pretend I purposely saved this for now to put a nice big bead-dazzled bow on Fat Tuesday, but in all actuality I’m just a little late to it, which is appropriate seeing as how my colleague who would have been all over it yesterday is actually right up in the thick of things at Mardi Gras (see if you can spot him on web cam) and therefore isn’t here to cover it. IRONY!

While in town filming a new political comedy, Will Ferrell took a break from awesomely announcing NBA starting lineups to reign over New Orleans Sunday evening during the Krewe of Bacchus parade as King Bacchus XLIV.

This is the same guy who also recently starred in an Old Milwaukee Super Bowl commercial that only aired in one town in Nebraska. Did I mention he’s getting paid to hang out in New Orleans with Galifianakis and Sudeikis? Or that his Spanish-language-for-no-reason movie is about to hit theaters? Or that he’s currently dominating my Best of # series? Or that Story Time Jesus wants to listen to him tell stories?

So yeah, Will Ferrell is proving himself to be the best at life. And here’s a clip of him flinging mini cowbells at the fine people of New Orleans to really hammer that home.

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