William Shatner Would Like To Discourage You From Frying Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Oh my goodness Thanksgiving is just around the corner, isn’t it? Wow that came fast! Anyway, have you given thought to how you’ll cook your turkey, if you are, in fact, cooking one? Have you considered frying it? Because OMG it’s soooo good! Just so moist, tender, juicy. Once you eat a turkey that’s been fried it’s hard to ever go back to a sad ole oven-baked one.

But State Farm, and presumably ever insurance company, would rather you didn’t do that. Why? Because people are stupid and many wind up setting themselves and their homes on fire when they try to fry a turkey. (YOU FRY A TURKEY OUTSIDE, YOU IDIOTS!) So they’ve enlisted William Shatner to make a web video warning about the dangers of frying turkeys. They’re also asking people to comment on the video on social media using the #shatnerfryersclub hashtag.

The three and half minute PSA is so very Shatner, fueled by a laughably dramatic score and voiceover lines like this one delivered in Shatner’s patented cadence: “Blinded by my hunger, I ignored safety, spat in the face of science.”

Finally, if you’ve ever dreamed of seeing William Shatner swallowed up by a massive computer-generated fireball, today’s your lucky day.

(HT: Laughing Squid)