Funny, Sexy, And Austin Cosplay Of The Week: The Best And Worst Of Wizard World Austin 2012

10.29.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Bane banner

So many banes.

Last year I added ‘Gamma Squad contributor’ to my resume with The Best And Worst Of Wizard World, my collection of cosplay photos from the convention center maybe 12 minutes down the road from me in Austin, Texas. This year I had the luxury of going back, and because I secretly want to ditch sports and write about nerd culture forever, here’s the 2012 edition.

Just like last year, Wizard World Austin happens close enough to Halloween that the true cosplayers sometimes get shouldered out for kids in pre-made Wolverine jumpsuits, 10,000 different guys who thought dressing up as Bane would make them look bad-ass and groups of semi-teen ladies who found some underwear and put a Batman logo on it. I tried to represent all of those groups here. I discovered a new group, “ladies who dress like Mystery Science Theater 3000 characters and walk around the convention with beer in their hands all day,” and next year I’ll just focus exclusively on them.

Enjoy the photos, and stick around for the Minecraft Iron Man.

[banner image via Culture Map Austin, all other photos (c) Brandon Stroud]

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