‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ Gets Messy With Its Latest Trailer

Wolfenstein: The New Order has been a game that’s had an oddly tight-lipped marketing campaign. Mostly we know the setting, but not really how the game plays. That’s something this trailer answers. Short answer: Messy!

For example, it opens with a sweet old Polish grandpa exploding a Nazi’s head. And then, well, then it gets weird. The trailer essentially lays out the two routes you can take through an area: Quiet and stealthy or big and very, very loud. It’s also… not terribly self-serious.

We have to admit, we have no idea if the music cues are real or composed specifically by the music department. But either way, they’re pretty inspired. Who doesn’t want to hear what sounds like an unreleased track from Rammstein’s honky-tonk album while dual-wielding what appear to be semi-automatic shotguns and/or stabbing Nazis in the crotch from a slide.

Also, to be honest, considering I tend to play FPS games like a back-shooting sneaky dirtbag, the idea of the game being built to cater to my love of being said dirtbag has considerable appeal. It seems the game takes as a guiding principle that nothing is wrong if you’re committing it against a Nazi, and that’s got some promise. We’ll know for sure May 27th.