A Woman Was So Incensed To Learn Of Her Boyfriend’s HIV Diagnosis That She Ran Him Over With Her Car

The lovely lady whose mugshot is featured in the above clip from ABC15 News in Arizona is 44-year-old Misty Lee Wilke, who is accused of running her boyfriend down with in her 2012 Mustang in an April 29 hit-and-run incident. But this was no accident. CCTV footage which was caught by a neighbor’s surveillance camera shows Wilke deliberately mowing down her bicycle-riding boyfriend, because she allegedly had just learned of his HIV positive diagnosis.

The unnamed victim, who miraculously survived the hit — even getting up briefly before stumbling into a nearby neighbor’s yard — suffered a fractured vertebrae and head trauma. Now Wilke is being charged with attempted second degree murder, aggravated assault and, last but not least, leaving the scene of a crime. And it sounds like she’s not exactly the criminal mastermind, here.

Wilke then ditched her car at a gas station and got a ride home, where she called police to give her side of the story, according to the report.

She told officers the victim was laughing at her after Wilke found out he had HIV, and then pulled out a knife and slashed her arm during a fight.

Ronnie Foster, the owner of Blue Horse Solutions which installed the neighbor’s surveillance cameras that caught the footage, later told the Daily News, “When we first saw it, with the neighborhood and everything else, we thought it was a drug deal gone bad.” I can’t imagine why this neighborhood would have a bad reputation!

Here’s the full CCTV footage… Ignore the goofy music which was for some reason apparently added later by the surveillance company.

(via NY Daily News and The Smoking Gun)

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