The Internet Is Totally Freaking Out About This Woman Who Disappears On Live TV

This clip originates from Norwegian TV2’s Sports Center, in which a random athlete is being interviewed at the airport, probably about the usual sporting-type stuff. The real action, however, takes place between the blonde woman and another woman who appears to be an airport employee pushing a cart of luggage just behind the interviewee’s right (our left) shoulder. After a brief interaction, the airport employee walks off, and as she briefly obscures the blonde woman, the woman seems to disappear into thin air.

The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment is not lost on the Sports Center anchors, who proceed to lose their almighty sh*t back in the studio, immediately demanding that the clip be played over. So, what happened? The only explanation is that the blonde woman walked off just at the same time, and in the same direction as the airport employee, creating an incredible optical illusion. It’s either that or aliens, anyway, and if so, Mulder and Scully need to get their butts to Norway STAT.

Here’s the GIF, which has now been viewed nearly five million times in the past two days, so you can watch it over and over until your eyeballs fall out of your head.

(Mirror via BroBible)

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