This Woman Wore The Same Dress As The Floor, And The Internet Went Wild

Viral dresses are all the rage this year on the Internet. After last week’s fierce prom dress and the white-gold/blue-black debate, the insanely-popular-meme-dress market seemed saturated. Yet this woman discovered the potential for a viral dress after stumbling upon a matching floor.

How embarrassing. She took such care to dress correctly for an event and got one-upped by a linoleum floor. This lady did what any other red-faced woman would do and grabbed a photo opportunity. Then she walked all over that floor.

After she uploaded the picture to imgur under username “beedat,” the dress quickly made the rounds. As of this writing, 1.4 million people viewed the dress in less than 24 hours. The woman was unsure about her impending Internet fame, but she seems relieved to have hidden her face: “i didn’t really know whether to smile or not, so i just went with the safest option :P”

(via imgur)