A Woman Gives Her Cheating Boyfriend’s Massive Apple Collection A Bath

The saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” originated in 17th century England, but is still just as relevant around the world today as it was hundreds of years ago. An unfortunate Japanese man learned this the hard way after apparently getting caught cheating on his girlfriend, who took revenge by dumping his extensive collection of Apple electronics in the tub.

Japanese bath tubs are a bit small so it actually took two soaks to ruin all his gear – one for the iMac and another for all his iPhones, iPads and accessories. The financial damage is clearly in the hundreds of thousands of yen. The damage to this poor woman’s heart? Incalculable. And the expression on this guy’s face when he sees what his cheating has led to? Priceless.

The original tweet from ‘foolishnessfly2’ has been retweeted over 15,000 times with users split over whether this was the most awesome revenge ever or a crime worthy of jail time. One thing is for sure though: before cheating on your girlfriend, make sure your valuable electronics are stored in a secure location. Or at the very least, look into whether your insurance policy covers jilted lovers!