Woman Loses Arm Because OUI Lawyer Allegedly Drove His Boat Drunk

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06.02.15 6 Comments

Sometimes, life just hands us certain coincidences that are so unbelievably true, we choose to ignore them at first. In the past decade, we’ve come to call this sort of stuff “viral content.” Like the story of a Boston lawyer charged with operating his boat while under the influence, leading to the severing of a 19-year-old girl’s arm — all the while, defending clients with OUI charges is his specialty.

No Alanis, I wouldn’t necessarily call this situation “ironic.” Why? Because I’m a human being, that’s why.

According to Boston.com, Benjamin Urbelis plead not guilty to charges of “operating a boat while under the influence causing serious bodily injury, negligent operation of a boat and operating a motorboat without a legally required identification number.”

As for the “causing serious bodily injury” part, that’d be the the aforementioned woman’s lost arm:

According to The Boston Globe , the incident took place in Boston Harbor on Saturday night when a female passenger aboard the 29-foot boat—named the “Naut Guilty”—fell overboard.

“As she tried to get back on the boat, her arm became caught in the propeller … Thirteen people were on board when the woman fell overboard near Spectacle Island,” The Globe reported.

Firefighters were unable to retrieve the woman’s severed arm, according to The Globe.

And yes, you read that right. All of this happened on (and off) a boat named the “Naut Guilty.” An OUI defense lawyer named his boat with a legal/maritime pun.

If anything, this man should rot in jail for his terrible sense of humor.

(Via Boston.com)

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