A Massachusetts Woman Was Arrested After Presenting A Slice Of Pizza As Her ID At A Bar

Correction: The article originally stated that the woman who slapped the doorman had been arrested, however according to the Daily Hampshire Gazette it was in fact another woman who had allegedly interfered with officers responding to incident.

may be a unifying commodity in the country, with its blend of cheese, sauce, and grease helping the average joe forget about their daily worries. It can also be an ally after a long night at the bar, which one Massachusetts woman may have assumed last Thursday. The Daily Hampshire Gazette reported that the woman and her friends approached Monkey Bar in Northhampton, Massachusetts and were simply asked to show their IDs for entry. It’s a simple request anyone past the age of 21 has been asked many times, but apparently she may have misunderstood, and — according to the Daily Hampshire Gazette — presented a slice of pizza as her ID. Perhaps she was just so ecstatic about how good her late night snack was she wanted to share it with the world? But the bouncer dashed her hopes and said it was not a formal piece of identification.

Apparently appalled someone would diss her delicious slice of pizza, she got physical with the bouncer as the Daily Hampshire Gazette summed up:

“Around 12:16 a.m., police had been summoned to the bar when another woman was asked to show her ID to the doorman, and instead attempted to present a slice of pizza. After being informed that pizza was not a valid means of gaining entry to the establishment, the woman slapped the doorman in the face, according to police, and was issued a trespass notice to stay away from the location.”

What hasn’t been reported is what type of pizza she had been chowing down on, which started this whole kerfuffle.

(Via Daily Hampshire Gazette)