This Woman Has An Unexpected Reaction To Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Model Girlfriend

Facebook makes it far too easy for folks to reconnect with old flames. Actually, it does more than that. Technology now allows us to look up our old high school sweethearts and troll their entire timeline. Statuses, life events, and photos are all fair game for curious exes. Much of the time, folks encounter more than they wanted to see. This was the case with Marion Bull when her reactions were recorded by her roomie, Hallie Baitman.

Marion appeared to be drunk or high or both in this video. She made a decision full of regret, but her sadness wasn’t immediately visible. At first, Marion appeared to be in denial when she sees her ex-boyfriend’s beautiful new girlfriend. She sits in a state of shock before comparing herself to the new lady, and then the uncontrollable laughter commences. Marion laughed and laughed before trying to compose herself to no avail. She seems flattered to find herself in favorable comparison, and if her ex is dating a model, then he must have good taste right?

Oh wait. Then Marion realizes her ex is dating a freaking model, but she can’t stop laughing until she starts sobbing. Poor Marion. Most of us are lucky enough to not have our drunk reactions recorded by amused roommmates.

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