A Woman Rejected A Man On Facebook, So He Allegedly Burned Her House Down

I have a theory. There’s absolutely nothing unique about it because just about everyone else has had the same (or a very similar) idea for a long time. I feel that social media is basically converting us into programmed automatons incapable of basic human emotions and interactions. Case in point: the supposed relationships – existent or potentially so – that people discern between themselves and others based on limited interactions on social media.

People like James Graham, a Frankfort, Kentucky man who allegedly broke into and set fire to Joanie Yount’s home. According to WLKY, Graham did it because of Facebook.

“This is one of those tragic situations where somebody is now without a home and for such a minor reason,” said Frankfort Police Major Robert Warfel. “It’s disturbing.”

Warfel said Graham made comments on Facebook about some of Yount’s photos.

“She rebuffed those and it’s kind of what set this all in motion,” he said.

They weren’t even friends. Graham was a “friend of a friend” according to the victim’s sister, and his violent reaction seems to have been based on nothing more than their brief online exchange.

On a positive note, at least Yount and her son were not home at the time. As her sister notes:

“It could have got a whole lot worse. And I just wonder, what if she was in there? What he would have done to her if she was lying in her bed before he set the house on fire?” she said.

Source: WLKY