This Woman Is Sick And Tired Of These Dang Pokemons Coming Into Her Work

Pokemon Go madness is at an all time, feverish high, but not everyone is thrilled about it. Such as the woman in this video, Kristen Tuff Scott, who is sick and tired of your goddamn Pokemons and she can’t take another second of it. But we’ll allow her to explain. “Everyone is playing the Pokemon game,” she starts off, clearly distraught. “And, they keep coming into my work to catch the Pokemons, okay? So I thought — because I don’t understand how it works — if I downloaded the game, I could catch all the Pokemons at my work, and people would quit coming to catch ’em.”

Not unreasonable rationale. But unfortunately, as she learned, Pokemon don’t play by traditional rules of physics and time and space. “Well, that’s not how it works,” she goes on, “So now I have a bunch of Pokemons, and there’s still people coming in to get the Pokemons.”

Now Tuff says she feels “like a nerd,” because she’s been trying to direct players to the Pokemons hidden at her work, like a Squirtle in lawn and garden, even though she doesn’t even work in lawn and garden. The whole thing honestly just sounds like a nightmare. And even worse, now she’s hooked on the game, which she says “is not where she saw herself at 27 years old,” before admitting that she has a problem. “I just drove across the parking lot to get a rat-lookin’ sumbitch, okay?”

Welcome to a post-Pokemon Go world, Kristen!