The Brazilian Woman Who Sold Her Virginity For $780K: Still A Virgin

Last year, 20-year-old Catarina Migliorini “sold” her virginity online for the not-insignificant sum of $780,000 as part of a promotion for a documentary called Virgins Wanted, directed by filmmaker Justin Sisely. Apparently, though, she’s still a virgin, even after meeting with the winning bidder, a 53-year-old Japanese businessman, because according to Migliorini, she was “misled” by Sisely. “I believe,” she added, “he is trying to defraud me and others.”

Sisely was supposedly filming a documentary entitled “Virgins Wanted,” which would explore the lives of Migliorini and Alex Stepanov, a male counterpart who was also auctioning his virginity.

A 53-year-old Japanese millionaire who identified himself online as “Natsu” placed the winning bid for Migliorini. But when she went to meet him in a restaurant in Sydney, Australia, he didn’t match the description Sisely gave her. Nor did they ever have sex.

What’s more, she claims Sisely didn’t cover her traveling expenses or give her the money promised.

Sisely denies Migliorini’s claims. “We have the footage to prove otherwise,” he told HuffPost by email. He also says she breached her contract as an actress. (Via)

One might even say Migliorini *puts sunglasses on* got screwed. YEAHHHHH. Also, she filmed a video for Playboy, in which she pretends to have sex with a teddy bear. All and all, things are working out well for Migliorini.