Women With Larger Butts Are Healthier, According To A Very Scientific Study


This news should be exciting to women with big butts. There’s a study out that concludes that women with larger butts were healthier than their flatter counterparts in several ways.

Keep in mind that this study comes from Oxford University, as Bro Bible reports, so this study (direct link here) must be the be all, end all of scientific research. Researchers (who followed 16,000 women) found that those with larger butts had lower levels of glucose and cholesterol, and higher levels of omega 3 fats. Omega 3s are super beneficial, as you can read here.

These women were also less susceptible to “metabolic and cardiovascular diseases,” because they had a more advantageous body-fat distribution than other women. Women with bigger butts are also likelier to have a hormone that makes them less hungry, and therefore makes them less susceptible to becoming obese.

So here’s another reason for women with large butts to rejoice. Along with the fact that American society has fallen into step with Sir Mix-a-Lot. And if the impossibly body standards pendulum swings the other way again, they’ll have their superior health to comfort themselves.

(Via Bro Bible)

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