‘World War Z’ Almost Looks Interesting In Music Video For Muse’s ‘Isolated System’

The early reviews for World War Z are mixed at best, following a Vanity Fair profile which reads like a post-mortem and rumors that Brad Pitt and director Marc Forster weren’t on speaking terms during extensive reshoots. It also doesn’t help that the first footage was filled with weird, rolling masses of bad-CGI zombies and everything that came after was equally underwhelming.

Now we’re getting a better look at that scene from all of the trailers in which Brad Pitt and family first have to flee from the horde. The long clip, sans audio track, comes from the music video for Muse’s “Isolated System” embedded below.

The track, from the band’s album The 2nd Law, builds around a piano hook not unlike Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells” (aka that scary music from “The Exorcist”), but swells into something with a grandeur all its own, and by the end of the video you understand why the track and movie were matched. [The Playlist]

Muse contributed one other song to the soundtrack. We’d be okay with the whole movie being dubbed over with Muse songs so we don’t have to listen to the stilted dialogue we’ve been hearing in trailers and clips so far.

Check out the scene below. It’s surprisingly compelling for a World War Z clip. It seems this movie is more interesting when they don’t show us cheesy-looking zombies playing Katamari Dazombie. Who knew?

World War Z opens June 21st.