World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter

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10.15.10 3 Comments

Suck it, Hoveround.

Colin Furze didn’t let that arrest on a firearms charge for his flame-throwing moped convince him to stop modifying vehicles.  Now he’s spent almost three months upgrading a mobility scooter that used to travel 12km/h (~7.5 mph).

“You hear people complaining about scooters going slowly around supermarkets and blocking aisles so I thought it would be a laugh to make a really fast one,” said Mr Furze, 31, a plumber from Stamford, Lincolnshire.  Guinness World Records said he would be considered for the first mobility scooter speed record if he could hit 100kph – 61.4mph. [DailyMail]

He added a 125cc motorbike engine but was not allowed to alter the outward appearance if he wanted a Guinness record.  This means he’s been driving 111km/h (69 mph) on a chassis and wheels meant to only travel around 8 mph.  He says a wheel once fell off when he was slowing down.  That isn’t going to stop him from attempting to hit 100kph at a race track later today, weather permitting.  He’ll be wearing a helmet and safety gear while operating the five-gear, 10 mpg scooter, unlike the pictures below.  I guess you don’t have time to put on a helmet when there’s cereal to be bought.

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