The ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Marketing Campaign Just Got Weird

So, when you think of Mystique, the naked blue shapeshifter from the X-Men franchise, do you think “You know, I wish she’d become a guy, and then eat a hamburger?” If the answer is yes, boy, do we ever have an ad for you!

We’re not kidding. This tie in with X-Men: Days Of Future Past is weird as hell. See for yourself:

Yes, you just saw Mystique look at you in a sultry manner, holding a cheeseburger, and then turn into a muscle-bound dude. To eat a cheeseburger. Um, does somebody at the ad agency where Carl’s Jr. holds an account have a fetish we should know about?

Yeah, yeah, we have the dumb tagline, because I know whenever I’m concerned about my Y chromosome suddenly vanishing, I eat ground cow fried in grease. But go back and watch that video again. Pay attention to how it’s timed. Ask yourself if this is an advertisement genuinely designed to tie two products together, or a short film designed to tie two concepts together in the most unnerving way possible. Here, have the video with a more appropriate soundtrack, and you’ll see what I mean.

Also, apparently, you can send them a photo on Instagram and they’ll Photoshop some Wolverine claws on you. See, Hardee’s, that’s a much more effective, and far less creepy, ad campaign. Go with that.