Yor Butthurt He Wasn’t In The Good “Captain America”?

It’s not Reb Brown’s fault the two Captain America TV movies from the ’70s were absolutely terrible. He didn’t design the costume, which used a motorcycle helmet in a bid to look as much like Mr. Freedom as possible. He didn’t direct the movies, that job being handed to what seems to be a blind teenager. So it’s not his fault they’re deservedly obscure.

But apparently he doesn’t think they’re obscure enough for him not to get a cameo. According to Brown, there’s an unwritten rule that actors from previous superhero movies get cameos in the new one, because Lou Ferrigno was in the “Hulk” movies and…and…well, and nothing. I can understand why Brown’s pissed, because the producers contacted his agent and said they’d like to have him, and then didn’t mention anything to him, but it’s not like Rex Smith popped up in “Daredevil” or Eric Allan Kramer had a cameo in “Thor”, and Matt Salinger wasn’t in “Captain America”, either. There’s not a precedent here. Brown’s just pissed because it would have been his biggest exposure in years that didn’t involve his being called any of these names…

[ via the blasted hard cheeses at The Mary Sue ]