You Can Buy A Kitten Made of Fire For Charity In World Of Warcraft

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11.09.12 3 Comments

Usually, when the words “kitten on fire” are used in a sentence, you’re about to read something horrible and tragic.

Not this time, unless you really hate pets in World of Warcraft.

Blizzard, which let’s face it is not really drowning in red ink, has announced that if you buy the upcoming Cinder Kitten pet, 100% of the money they make will go straight to the Red Cross.

Pets are incredibly popular in the game, especially since Mists of Pandaria introduced a Pokemon knock-off for having them fight each other, and, well, this is the Internet, and this is a kitten made of living flame. People are probably trying to figure out how to make that adorable little armor set and strap it onto an orange cat as we speak.

It’s actually been a good month for World of Warcraft, as a state Senate candidate in Maine smeared for spending her time playing a rogue won office anyway and Pandaria pushed subscriber numbers back above ten million. If they manage to sell a lot of these kittens, that’d be a nice hat trick for them.

The Cinder Kitten will be available later this year. Personally, we’re just waiting for somebody to photoshop Cinder from Killer Instinct into lingerie and call it “Cinder Kitten.”

Yeah, there wasn’t anything like that on Deviant Art, we were surprised too.

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