You Can Buy Belle Knox’s Panties For A Good Cause

Belle Knox and Tasha Reign are two of the only porn stars working today that can be considered real-life famous, so their working together is like Al Pacino and Robert De Niro sharing a scene in Heat. Or something. Knox and Reign are helping Maggie’s Toronto Sex Workers’ Action Project, which benefits sex workers in Canada, raise money by selling their panties and things that aren’t their panties.

“For too long, sex workers have been marginalized and deprived of basic human rights. We are entitled to equal representation under the law, safe work and conditions, and freedom of expression without censure. Most importantly, it must be recognized by society, religious and political institutions, and individuals that we are deserving of dignity and respect despite the taboo nature of our profession.” — Belle Knox (Via)

Unfortunately (?) Knox’s panties are sold out, but you can still buy a signed photo, “video 4u by Tasha Reign,” or swag bag. What’s in a porn star’s swag bag? A shampoo bottle in the shape of a d*ck.

Also a sticker!

Indiegogo via Maggie’s