You Can Now Slather 'Ron F***ing Swanson BBQ Sauce' All Over Your Meat

08.28.12 7 Comments

Oh well look at this wonderful product we can all buy on Amazon for the bargain basement price of $14.95. (Oh wait they’ve already apparently sold out?!?! But it’s still available on the NBC Store homepage.) Where has this delightful product been all summer? I’ve been looking for a BBQ sauce that combines just the right touches of hickory, tobacco and mahogany, which is exactly how I imagine this would taste.

Here’s how the NBC Store describes it…

“You had me at meat tornado…”

Now for the first time, we’re proud to present Ron Swanson’s very own exclusive Ron F***ing Swanson BBQ Sauce!

It’s perfect for a Pawnee Parks and Recreation “Grill Off” where you can grill up some Ron Swanson Turkey Burgers (a grilled hamburger stuffed with a fried turkey leg…mmmm, delicious!) or other creative meat combinations worthy of Ron Swanson’s savory BBQ Sauce.

A delicious thick, rich and bold sauce, great on a Turf ‘N’ Turf and all cuts of meat. For use in the oven or the grill. Truly a meat lover’s delight!

So start a tradition Ron Swanson would approve of and grill up some All-American meats with Ron F***ing Swanson BBQ Sauce!

This almost makes up for NBCs bungled Olympics coverage. Almost.

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