You Supercutting Son Of A B*tch

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05.11.12 2 Comments

I prefer my movie supercuts on groggy Friday mornings, and if they can focus on something mildly profane to boot that’s just a bonus. So this “SONOFABITCH” effort from YouTuber ziccup is just what the doctor ordered.

All the classic uses are here: exasperation, amazement, ridicule, endearment. Epic Arnold-Carl Weathers Predator handshake leads off, with Teddy KGB, Royal Tenenbaum, and multiple Wedding Crasher sightings highlighting from there. There’s even a nice tribute to Bob DeNiro’s “SOB” clinic from Midnight Run. Good times.

So sit back and click play you goodfornothing-Fridaymorningwasting-videowatching son of a b*tch.

From the Avengers Initiative spoof, but still relevant, I think.

YouTube via The High Definite

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