Your Dumb Nontroversy of the Day: Saga’s Breastfeeding Cover

Before we lay out this ridiculousness, we’ve really got to ask: does anybody actually find babies eating erotic?

This isn’t an idle question. Every time breastfeeding comes up, somebody always complains about the naked boob involved, as if a boob is always erotic no matter what the context. Which brings us to illustrator Dave Dorman and Image’s upcoming comic “Saga”.

Dorman, in a now-deleted blog post, essentially thought a cover showing a woman breastfeeding was exploiting human biology to sell a kid’s comic and that it was done for shock value, although to Dorman’s credit, once he found out Saga is for adults, he apologized for that part. But he still found a baby breastfeeding on a comic book cover to be exploitative and objectionable.

We’ll spare you any commentary: every time breastfeeding comes up on the Internet, there’s always a swarm of mommy bloggers there to complain about how oppressed they are because everybody hates them for breastfeeding. Instead, under the jump, we’ll show you the cover, by Fiona Staples, and let you form your own conclusions.

Saga hits in March, in case the boobie on the cover made you curious.

[ via the breast men at Comics Alliance ]