Many Of Your Favorite Celebrities Have Been 'Cholafied'

I was out in Arizona recently, visiting my good buddy, stand-up comic and Twitter god Pauly Casillas, and he took me to a very popular Mexican restaurant in Tucson. He told me that I was going to witness the Chola phenomenon firsthand, and I asked, “Well, what the heck is Chola?” He explained it to me in great detail, but there was also tequila involved, so I forgot most of it. Thankfully, there’s Urban Dictionary, which offered these two helpful definitions:

1) Chola: The girls my brother gets pregnant.

And, perhaps a little more helpful:

2) Chola: A chola is a firme hyna (latina) that wears a lot of makeup: thick eyeliner, liquid eyeliner on top going out of your eye dark brown or red lipstick and eyebrows drawn on or really thin. We mostly have permed hair with hella gel or straight and arched on top. We kick it with people in our own barrio and not really claiming a color mainly your raza. (Brown Pride) or (Barrio) and wear baggy or tight cloths with nike cortez shoes.

The main point is the makeup style, with the drawn-on, arched eyebrows, of which you can learn more about here. So what does “Cholafied” mean then? According to Michael Jason Enriquez, an advertising student in Pasadena, CA, it is “Sharpied eyebrows, black lipliner and the fumes from a can of Aqua Net” and it “comes from the mind of a kid growing up in LA in the 90’s.” And he spends his spare time Cholafying celebrities and pop culture icons, like the many I’ve included after the jump.