You’re Not Going To Like Who The 10 Highest Earning Celebrities Of 2013 Are

Were there any justice in this world, or at least if people had better taste, the 10 highest earning celebrities of 2013 would go something like: Louis C.K., Jennifer Lawrence, Edgar Wright, Anna Kendrick, Vince Gilligan, everyone in the Replacements, Peter Dinklage, and then some assemblage of names from Parks and Recreation. Also, Leonard from Jeopardy! Instead, we’ve got Madonna, which eh, and Steven Spielberg, who is the most (and pretty much only) deserving name on Forbes’ list of this year’s top famous moneymakers. You’ve got my money, J-Law.

1. Madonna ($125 million)

2. Steven Spielberg ($100 million)

3. Simon Cowell ($95 million)

4. E.L. James ($95 million)

5. Howard Stern ($95 million)

6. James Patterson ($91 million)

7. Glenn Beck ($90 million)

8. Michael Bay ($82 million)

9. Jerry Bruckheimer ($80 million)

10. Lady Gaga ($80 million)

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