Zac Efron Became An Instant Internet Meme With This ‘Baywatch’ Run Fail

Despite having the physical appearance of a chiseled Roman god, Zac Efron is, in fact, just a mere human. This was more apparent than ever on the set of Baywatch when Efron tripped and spectacularly ate it while doing the franchise’s iconic beach run. The good humored Efron posted the fail to his Instagram page so that we could all have a laugh at his expense, but what he probably wasn’t expecting was for Reddit’s r/photoshopbattles to get its hands on the image.

Now, thanks to some talented Photoshop artists, “Falling Efron” is well on its way to becoming a meme along the likes of Sad Keanu and Vince Vaughn Eating. (Nothing will ever be funnier than Vince Vaughn Eating.)

Regardless, there are some serious contenders. Here’s some of our favorites:

We guess that ought to teach a guy for trying to look cool next to The Rock. It’s like standing too close to the sun.

(Via Daily Dot)