Zack Snyder Isn't Working On The New Trilogy, And Yet He's Still Rumored To Be Making A 'Star Wars' Movie

Hmm — needs more slow-mo.

Say what? If Zack Snyder isn’t working on the new Trilogy, how can he be making a Star Wars movie? The answer of course is that Disney/Lucasfilm aren’t stopping at a new trilogy — they’re going to be churning out all sorts of spin-offs and side stories that take place within the Star Wars Universe.

Rumor has it that Snyder’s project will run parallel to the new Trilogy and basically be Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai in space. Seven Samurai tells the story of a town that hires seven wandering ronin (masterless samurai) to take care of their bandit problem, and they take care of it all right — with lots and lots of murder. Seems like a good source of inspiration for a Star Wars flick, particularly considering the number of times Lucas himself has cited Kurosawa’s films as an influence.

Word is Snyder’s movie would likely go into production sometime after Episode VII and probably hit theatres between Episode VII and VIII.

via Vulture