These Awful Brothers Convinced Their Poor Sister The Zombie Apocalypse Was Happening

Those who are lucky enough to experience wisdom teeth removal with the benefit of anesthesia get to miss out on all lovely yanking sensations. The other method — the wide awake variety — grows complicated when one’s roots are far too long and the local painkillers wear off. My dentist then tried to amuse me by claiming he was Brad Pitt, at which point, I reminded him that his patient was wide awake. That was a fun day.

In contrast, people waking up from the good stuff tend to believe anything. This young woman (known as “Millicent”) experienced the most unwelcome surreal effects of coming back from twilight. In this vulnerable state, she fell prey to a cruel prank from her older brothers. They queued up the zombie apocalypse by popping a fake news cast onto their SUV soundsystem. Millicent was so completely loopy that the Emergency Broadcast System easily convinced her that a viral outbreak produced zombies on the loose. She’s understandably freaked out, but she’s a trooper, alright.

Millicent’s moments of genuine terror exist, which is understandable when one considers that she’s confined to applesauce and yogurt for days. That’s already a doomsday scenario with or without zombies. And she never gets to meet Daryl Dixon, yet she persists in making the tough decisions, including which survival cake mix to salvage and whether to flee to Mexico. The only misstep she makes is being “okay” with leaving the dog behind, but hey, no badass heroine is perfect.

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