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Disney World To Add Indiana Jones Themed Restaurant

By | 4 Comments

The Orlando theme park is planning on building a bar and restaurant at Downtown Disney in the fall.


Eddie Redmayne Definitely Might Maybe Be In The Harry Potter Spin-Off Movie

By | 2 Comments

Warner Bros. has put out an offer to the Oscar-winner to star as Newt Scamander in 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'.

Alex Garland

A ’28 Months Later’ Movie Is In The Works

By | 8 Comments

Writer Alex Garland has come up with an idea for a sequel that is being seriously considered for production.

space exploration

If We Need New Polar Ice Caps, Maybe We Could Import Them From Pluto

By | 4 Comments

The New Horizons probe has been sending back images this month of its approach of the dwarf planet.


Newly Discovered Dinosaur Has A Short Name And Fuzzy Bat Wings

By | 2 Comments

A fossil found in China reveals a bird-like creature that bridges the gap between feathered dinosaurs and leather winged pterosaurs.

R2 D2

This R2-D2 Pinball Machine Coffee Table Is Possibly The Droid You’re Looking For

By | 2 Comments

A furniture company out of Hungary likes to restore old pinball machines as conversation pieces for your living room.

#Star Trek

NASA May Have Discovered The Secret To Ludicrous Speed

By | 18 Comments

So NASA may have successfully made a warp drive. Or not.


Academy Award-Winning Cinematographer Andrew Lesnie Dead At Age 59


The Academy Award-winning filmmaker has died suddenly, leaving a legacy of work spanning four decades.


This Craigslist Ad Is Either ‘Fantastic Four’ Viral Marketing Or Fantastic Weirdness


It's absolutely not suspicious that the original poster wants to alter his DNA to avoid being accused of a crime.

Black Panther

Rumor Mill Time! Ernie Hudson Is Totally Interested In Being Black Panther’s Dad.

By | 8 Comments

The actor has expressed his interested in the role, and the rumor mill is very happy.


Everyone Wants Matt Smith In The New Harry Potter Spin-Off Movie


The internet especially thinks the Eleventh Doctor is the perfect choice for Newt Scamander.


Hasbro Backtracking On That Whole ‘You Don’t Need Girl Toys’ Thing

By | 21 Comments

The toy company has responded to internet dissension over a lack of female characters in its Star Wars action figure lines.


Nintendo Will Launch A Smartphone App Featuring ‘New Original Games’


The company is hoping to drive sales to its consoles and console games by getting people hooked on Mario Lite.

Secret Cinema

Attending This ‘Secret’ Screening Of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Won’t Be Cheap

By | 7 Comments

Secret Cinema's next project will be in a galaxy far, far away... London.

eclectic method

This ‘Terminator’ Supermix Will Have You Dancing To Arnold’s One-Liners

By | 2 Comments

Electic Method's newest track blends robot sound effects with Terminator dialogue.


Cards Against Humanity Can Now Be Played Online


In case you really want to play but forgot your cards, there's an app for that.


Spain Wants To Build A ‘Hobbit’-Like Theme Park

By | 4 Comments

Last month, the city of Rincon de la Victoria, Spain announced its plans to build an eight-hectare (about a third of a square mile) Middle Earth-inspired park called "La Comarca," which in German means "a whale's vagina*.


NASA Is Closer To Putting Whalers On The Moon And Submarines On Titan

By | 6 Comments

The Titan Mare Explorer might include a submarine to explore the depths of Titan's lakes.


Heart Your Heart: The Health Benefits Of Eating Chocolate


There have been over 40 different health benefits discovered to eating chocolate. Here's some of the best.

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