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Adam Nimoy’s Spock Documentary Has Reached Its Kickstarter Goal


Adam Nimoy's film about his father has achieved its budget with less than a day to spare.


This New Coffee Printer Can Customize Your Latte Foam


If you've ever wanted to see your face in a cappuccino, the time is now.


Robot Construction Worker Can Work 20 Times Faster, Catcall 73 Percent More Efficiently


Australia hastens our descent in to Skynet-controlled takeover by creating robot bricklayers.


Here’s An $8 Microscope For Your Smartphone

By | 3 Comments

The ultimate stocking stuffer for nerds on the go.


New Technology Makes It Possible To See Through A Semi Truck

By | 5 Comments

Samsung has come up with a system to make seeing around a big truck on a small road more easy.

legends of tomorrow

SIKE, Just Kidding About That Hawkgirl TV Series

By | 6 Comments

The CW and Ciara Renée have both denied the rumors there is to be a Hawkgirl tv show any time soon.

David Tennant

David Tennant To Replace Robin Williams In ‘Chew’ Adaptation

By | 3 Comments

The 'Doctor Who' star has been hired to voice a character in the upcoming animated film.


NASA Says We’re Running Out Of Drinking Water

By | 17 Comments

A ten-year study of the world's aquifers has overturned some alarming results about our water consumption.

mad max

This Guy Built A Real ‘Mad Max’ Interceptor


A Michigan man spent five years and $125,000 to get a real working version of Mad Max's police interceptor.


The CW Might Add A Hawkgirl TV Series To Its Programming

By | 5 Comments

The network hopes to develop a solo show for Ciara Renée.


Now Your ATM PIN Can Involve Dragons


New financial software could let you use smiley faces as your secret password.

#Star Trek

Michael Dorn Reveals Which Starfleet Officers He Wants In His Worf Show

By | 7 Comments

The 'Star Trek' actor has big plans for his solo series that isn't actually happening anywhere yet.

#Star Wars

Here Are Three ‘Star Wars’ RC Spaceships To Put On Your Wishlist Immediately

By | 2 Comments

The manufacturer of the world's smallest helicopter is now producing the world's smallest Millennium Falcon.


You Can Now Stream Your Netflix Queue In Your Hotel Room

By | 2 Comments

The Marriott chain of hotels jumps to the front of the line in terms of places you want to be.


Dinosaur Blood Cells Have Been Recovered From Fossils

By | 5 Comments

75 million year old bone samples have been scanned by researchers and the results are exciting.


Mark Ruffalo Says He Could Take Jason Statham

By | 3 Comments

Jason Statham doesn't think Marvel action movies are 'real' action; Ruffalo says bring it on.


Brace Yourself: The Erotic Dinosaur Fan Fiction Event You Desire Is Here


If you live in the San Francisco area and you love the idea of dinosaur-on-man sex, look no further than this.


The Leonard Nimoy Documentary ‘For The Love Of Spock’ Launches On Kickstarter

By | 2 Comments

Leonard Nimoy's son, Adam, is searching for funding to afford the licensing necessary for a Star Trek documentary.

#Star Wars

This Refrigerated R2-D2 Will Slowly Bring You A Beer

By | 4 Comments

A Japanese appliance company has done the obvious and filled R2-D2's chest cavity with leftovers and soda.


Couple Has ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Wedding At Game Stop

By | 5 Comments

A Pennsylvania couple shares their love of Zelda 'til death do they part.

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