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Terminator: Genisys

Nike Stopped Everything To Recreate Shoes For ‘Terminator Genisys’

By | 5 Comments

The costume designer for 'Terminator Genisys' is not even in the remote area of screwing around.


The Oldest Human Etchings Discovered, Predate Homo Sapiens By 300,000 Years

By | 7 Comments

One human's treasure is just another early human's trash, as were the oldest human etchings found already in lying in a museum.


DNA Is Tougher Than You And There’s Science To Prove It

By | 3 Comments

Scientists are surprised at what they discovered while screwing around.

#Star Wars

Not The Droid You’re Looking For: This Budgie Sounds Like R2-D2

By | 4 Comments

Bluey the Australian Budgie has learned to imitate Droidspeak.


UCLA Astronomers Reveal The Truth Behind The Glow Cloud At The Center Of Our Galaxy

By | 5 Comments

They did it without running at it and waving their arms around and shouting, too.


Chronic Fatigue Might Be All In Your Head (Literally)

By | 3 Comments

Doctors at Stanford used brain scans to try and pinpoint the real cause of CFS.


SyFy Adds Another Arthur C. Clarke Adaptation To Its Lineup With ‘3001’

By | 11 Comments

The final installment of Arthur C. Clarke's 'Odyssey' series is coming to the small screen.


‘Almost Human’ Fans Step Up Their Campaign For A Second Season

By | 18 Comments

There are now templates and postcards and actual real people to complain to about wanting the show un-canceled.


Sad Keanu Reeves Will Avenge His Dead Family With Science In ‘Replicas’

By | 5 Comments

A new Keanu Reeves movie has been announced, and yes it's a science fiction movie and no he's not a robot, probably.


SyFy Regrets Becoming SyFy, Hopes You Like Their New Show Ideas

By | 41 Comments

The new VP of programming for the network reveals the plan behind the next slate of original shows.


Netflix’s New Series, ‘Marco Polo’, Looks Like A Swarthier ‘Game Of Thrones’

By | 9 Comments

Netflix releases the trailer for their next original series, 'Marco Polo', debuting in December.

#DC Comics

Here’s A Superhero Thing That’s Not Actually Terrible, Possibly Educational

By | 5 Comments

Downtown Books has a license to print DC comics as children's books that aren't horribly sexist.


Scientists May Have Found A Solution For Hearing Loss

By | 4 Comments

Stand back -- University of Michigan and Harvard scientists deafened some mice and then restored their hearing using SCIENCE!


Get Out Of The Way Billy Fourth-Grader, Pizza Hut’s Book-It For Adults Is Here

By | 15 Comments

Register and get yourself a free pizza, just like when you were in the 4th grade.

#DC Comics

DC Is Sorry About Their Dumb, Sexist Shirts

By | 34 Comments

Expect a few hundred lawsuits from Warner Bros. to materialize soon, when they realize just how many crappy shirts there are with Batman on them.


Yahoo! Is Scuttling The Only Thing We Knew Them From

By | 6 Comments

20 years later, Yahoo's list of links is no longer relevant in this wiki world.


Forget What We Said: Hello Kitty Is Totally A Not-Cat, Not Not A Cat

By | 5 Comments

This has officially become the stupidest debate on the internet.


Stop The Figurative Presses: Hello Kitty Not Literally A Cat

By | 13 Comments

Sanrio dropped a bombshell this week by letting the Japanese American Museum know their Hello Kitty was biologically incorrect.

3D printing

Look At This Castle Built With A Freaking 3D Printer


It took him less than four months and it's pretty as a picture.


The Government Is Spending A Million Dollars To Examine Twitter Memes

By | 5 Comments

The federal government is really interested in knowing how those fake death rumors get started.

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