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Kevin Smith Says ‘Yoga Hosers’ Is A Counter To Male-Centric Comic-Book Movies

By | 156 Comments

Kevin Smith says he wanted Tarantino for 'Tusk,' and compares Johnny Depp to Lord Byron.


Kevin Smith And Randal Have Some Important News About Clerks 3 And Sh*t

By | 84 Comments

Kevin Smith and Randal had some important news about Clerks 3, and of course we got Kevin Smith's #1 hater to write it up.


The Weinsteins Passed On Clerks 3, But Don’t Worry, Kevin Smith Has Big Plans For ‘Yoga Hosers’

By | 49 Comments

Kevin Smith says the Weinstein Company passed on 'Clerks 3,' but not to fear, he has big plans for 'Yoga-Hosers' which is some kind of spinoff from another idea he had when he was really high or something.


Kevin Smith Wept Openly On A Visit To The Set of Star Wars 7

By | 118 Comments

Kevin Smith visited the set of Star Wars Episode 7 and took a selfie while sobbing. Our own Chareth responds.


Kevin Smith Is Unretiring To Make A Musical. Why God, Why?

By | 28 Comments

Chareth Cutestory tries to get through the latest Kevin Smith news without having a coronary. Given all the fat jokes, beating Kevin Smith to a heart attack would be the ultimate irony.


The Kevin Smith Update: Behold! Kevin Smith’s Walrus-Man

By | 28 Comments

Our favorite Kevin Smith hater, Chareth Cutestory, breaks down Smith's latest reveal from Tusk, his walrus-man hybrid movie.


Kevin Smith Mortgages House To Make “Walrus Man: based on the Podcast HURR, by DURR.”

By | 46 Comments

VINCE'S NOTE: The views expressed by the commenter known to me only as Chareth Cutestory in no way reflect the reviews of FilmDrunk, except that I find his irrational Kevin Smith hatred endlessly entertaining.


First Draft of Clerks 3 Is Done, Announces Kevin Smith No Doubt Breathlessly

By | 28 Comments

I have no special ill-will towards Kevin Smith, and I've even liked a couple of his movies.


Clerks 3 Is Also A Fan-Sourced E-Book Now Because F*ck You

By | 73 Comments

So it’s a Monday afternoon and I’m drinking in bed because I’m a grown-ass man and you’re not the boss of me, when suddenly an iPhone buzz announces an email from Vince.

unnecessary sequels

Kevin Smith Is Retiring And Sh*t???

By | 101 Comments

I'll be honest, folks, Kevin Smith news bores me a bit.


Dark Shadows Has A Trailer

By | 32 Comments

Late yesterday afternoon Warner Bros released the trailer for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, which stars Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green, and Chloe Moretz (think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts.


Weekend Movie Guide

By | 19 Comments

Well, everybody, it’s Friday, which means it’s time to discuss what's debuting this Easter Weekend.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson Speaks! Using his mouth!

By | 9 Comments

Absent from the entertainment news for literally weeks now, Mel Gibson has finally broken his silence in a lengthy interview given to Deadline in which he offers his thoughts on <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2010/10/mel-gibson-axed-from-hangover-2" target="_blank">being snubbed by the Hangover II cast</a>, the infamous <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2010/07/new-tape-mel-gibson-hates-your-pssy-son-now-too" target="_blank">tape recordings</a>, and whether he'll ever act again.

Sean Penn

Gangster Squad Now 100% More Rugged???

By | 11 Comments

Question marks in the headline mean only one thing: EjacuSpeculation time.


Nic Cage’s Son Got Engaged

By | 14 Comments

It's been said that when God closes a door, He opens a window.


Scientology Somewhat Dubious, The New Yorker Reports Haughtily

By | 9 Comments

Resting on the mahogany credenza next to my Ira Glass commemorative fart decanter (What, am I supposed to stick my head between my legs like some sort of philistine.

Your Obligatory Super Bowl Trailer Post

By | 7 Comments

By my count there were thirteen different film trailers aired during last night's big game.

val kilmer

Wait. What?

By | 14 Comments

So I was just reading a somewhat turgid interview with Francis Ford Coppola for something called <a href="http://the99percent.com/articles/6973/Francis-Ford-Coppola-On-Risk-Money-Craft-Collaboration" target="_blank">The99Percent</a> wherein, amidst ruminations on Jimmy Caan and Balzac (ha ha), the interviewer just kind of casually mentions this: Like Bergman, Coppola wanted to wake up and make movies based on his dreams and nightmares.

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