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The Best And Worst Of SmackDown 5/21/15: Nifty Exit Strategies

By | 43 Comments

Naomi cuts her best promo, Paige cuts her worst and the torrid Lana/Dolph romance continues on this week's Smackdown.

Alberto El Patron

The Former Alberto Del Rio Says He Turned Down An Offer To Fight For UFC

By | 6 Comments

Also, was that rumored Golberg/Alberto kickboxing match actually a real thing?

#Game of Thrones

Episode 4 Of Telltale’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Series Has A Release Date And An Intrigue-Packed Trailer


More plotting and stabbing in the latest episode of Telltales' 'Game of Thrones' series.


The Ghosts Are Just Guys Under Sheets? 12 Delectable Facts About Arcade Classic ‘Pac-Man’

By | 8 Comments

How many billions did Pac-Man make? What was his original name? Did Ms. Pac-Man have a shady past?


Zen Has Made A Pinball Game Of Valve’s ‘Portal,’ And It Looks Kind Of Great

By | 2 Comments

Who wants a new 'Portal' game? Well, we're getting one! Sort of.

Ex Machina

A Random Computer Screen In ‘Ex Machina’ Contains A Very Clever Easter Egg

By | 15 Comments

Were you keeping an eye on the random bits of computer code in the movie instead of Alicia Vikander?


Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Want To Change How Women Are Featured In WWE In A Big Way

By | 51 Comments

Of course there's one roadblock in their way, and I bet you know who it is.

Lego Dimensions

Great Scott! Check Out The Latest ‘LEGO Dimensions’ Trailer Featuring Christopher Lloyd

By | 4 Comments

Ready your flux capacitors, because 'Back to the Future' and a whole lot of other stuff is coming to 'LEGO Dimensions.'

#Iron Man

A Chinese Schoolteacher Built A Life-Sized Replica Of Iron Man’s Hulkbuster Armor

By | 5 Comments

Apparently you don't have be a billionaire industrialist to have your own Hulkbuster armor.


Honest Trailers Takes Aim At ‘Counter-Strike,’ The Game That Refuses To Die

By | 5 Comments

Somehow, someway, 'Counter-Strike' is still going strong, and Honest Trailers tries to find out why.


Justin Gabriel Pitched The Bunny Becoming A Hardcore Badass Who’s Secretly Vince McMahon

By | 18 Comments

Justin Gabriel had some ideas for Adam Rose's Bunny, and susprise surprise, they're all batsh*t insane.

#The Rock

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Laid A Cement Smackdown Outside The Historic TCL Chinese Theatre


The Rock also thanked somebody interesting after his hand print ceremony.

street fighter v

M. Bison Unleashes The Psycho Crusher In The Latest Trailer For ‘Street Fighter V’

By | 3 Comments

The guy you love to hate is the latest addition to the 'Street Fighter V' roster.


A Hefty Ranking Of André The Giant’s Top Appearances Outside Of The Ring

By | 23 Comments

From Honeycomb, to Letterman to B.J. and the freakin' Bear, we count down André's career outside of wrestling.

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