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Syfy Will Pay Tribute To Leonard Nimoy With A Five-Hour Programming Block On Sunday

By | 12 Comments

Relieve some Commander Spock's best moments this coming Sunday morning on Syfy.


Watch Chappie Kick Ass Like A Real Gangster In A New Clip And Featurette

By | 7 Comments

Come on, you know you want to watch Chappie throw ninja stars with Ninja of Die Antwoord.


WWE Toured Silicon Valley, So Here’s John Cena And Hulk Hogan Being Dorky Old Men With Technology

By | 9 Comments

As a bonus we also have Vince McMahon using Oculus Rift and Stephanie wishing she worked for Google.


Selina Kyle Is Reveled To Be Bisexual In The Latest Issue Of ‘Catwoman’

By | 17 Comments

And Batman cocked an eyebrow and thoughtfully stroked his chin.


The Best And Worst Of SmackDown 2/26/15: SmackDown’s On Fire!

By | 52 Comments

Watch the last death throes of the Intercontinental Title on this week's Smackdown!

final fantasy XV

Check Out The Freaky Wildlife Of ‘Final Fantasy XV’ In This Impressive Faux Nature Documentary


Take a moment to smell the roses with the truly wild wildlife of 'Final Fantasy XV'.

Valley of the Yetis

‘Far Cry 4′ Is Adding Yetis In Upcoming DLC, Because Of Course It Is

By | 2 Comments

Did you think Ubisoft was going to send you to the Himalayas and not give you yetis to kill? Give them more credit than that.


Stephanie McMahon’s Response To AJ Lee’s Recent Tweets Was Crafted By A Surprising Source

By | 63 Comments

AJ's recent tweets were not an angle, and Stephanie McMahon wasn't happy about them.

Classic Gaming

Gaming Envy: Watch 6 Impossible Classic Gaming Challenges Get Destroyed In Dramatic Fashion

By | 22 Comments

You may never beat these 8-bit gaming challenges, but you can watch others annihilate them.

sharknado 3

The Twister Of 1004 Sharks: Chris Jericho Is In ‘Sharknado 3′ And We Have Pics To Prove It

By | 15 Comments

Is Chris Jericho the best in the world at being eaten by sharks? We'll soon see.


Tiny 3D Printed Snowman Molds Will Turn Your Winter Into A ‘Calvin And Hobbes’ Wonderland


Freak out your neighbors and annoy your parents with these mini snowman molds!


Brock Lesnar Didn’t Appear On Raw Because He Stormed Out Backstage In A Huff

By | 53 Comments

Apparently Brock Lesnar not being on Raw wasn't just the usual WWE creative incompetence.

street fighter v

‘Street Fighter V’ Unveils A Returning Fighter And Teases Another In A New Trailer

By | 11 Comments

'Street Fighter V' has revealed a new fighter, and it might not be who you expect.

grand theft auto v

The PC Version Of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Has Suffered Yet Another Delay

By | 9 Comments

You're going to have to wait just a little while longer for the ultimate version of 'GTA V'.

Batman: Arkham Knight

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Will Be The First Ever M-Rated Batman Game

By | 32 Comments

Better bring a parent along if you want to buy the latest Batman game, kids!


Brock Lesnar Was Backstage At Raw, But WWE Didn’t Use Him To Save The Show

By | 36 Comments

That Raw could have used some Brock Lesnar. GUESS WHO WAS AT THE SHOW?

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