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Having Fun Doing Nothing: Check Out This Ode To Video Game Idle Animations


Relive some of the best moments from when you weren't playing your favorite games.

Main Event

The Best And Worst Of Main Event 9/30/14: You Best Bo-lieve Me

By | 16 Comments

Good matches from Cesaro and SummerLay and a bad marriage highlight this week's Main Event.


Enjoy This Supercut Of Professor X Being A Complete Goober In The ‘X-Men’ Animated Series

By | 6 Comments

Professor X doesn't let his disabilities get him down -- well, except for in the 90s cartoon.

WWE 2K15

The ‘WWE 2K15’ Career Mode Sounds Like It Will Be Realistic To A Fault

By | 54 Comments

WWE 2K15's career mode will feature all the Twitter managing action you can handle!

#Video Games

Five Games: ‘Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor’ And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week

By | 12 Comments

'Super Smash Bros.', 'Shadow of Mordor', new Forza and more in this week's Five Games.

School prayer

Michael ‘PS’ Hayes Is So Concerned About Kids Praying In School, He Wrote A Song About It

By | 18 Comments

Michael "Pure Sexy" Hayes is thinking about the children in his latest hot single.

The Evil Within

The Nightmare World Of ‘The Evil Within’ Is Finally Detailed In The Game’s Latest Trailer

By | 4 Comments

Get ready to ration your bullets, because 'The Evil Within' is looking very Resident Evil-ey.


The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 9/26/14: Rusev Crushed

By | 47 Comments

The Tag Team and Intercontinental Titles are defended and Rusev is taken to the limit on this week's Smackdown.

Hyrule Warriors

You Can Ride Epona In ‘Hyrule Warriors’ But You’ll Have To Pony Up Extra Dough To Do So

By | 6 Comments

Nintendo has finally found their way around to doing their own version of horse armor.


Marvel Almost Made A Black Widow Movie Back In Their Pre-‘Iron Man’ Days

By | 7 Comments

Marvel can't seem to get a Black Widow movie together now, but they almost made it happen back in 2004.


Brock Lesnar Has Said To Hell With ‘Hell In A Cell.’ Here’s WWE’s Terrible Back-Up Plan.

By | 110 Comments

Hope you didn't have your heart set on seeing the WWE Championship defended in Hell in a Cell.

#Video Games

Travel The World Of ‘The Witcher 3′ In This Fresh Footage Packed Featurette


Let various endearingly awkward Polish people guide you through the epic world of 'The Witcher 3'.

angry birds transformers

Here’s A First Look At That Weird ‘Angry Birds Transformers’ Mashup In Action


'Angry Birds Transformers' isn't your typical Angry Birds game in more ways than one.

Alien: Isolation

‘Alien: Isolation’ Busts Out The Flame Throwers In New Survival Mode Footage

By | 5 Comments

Watch somebody take it to the alien in this latest 'Alien: Isolation' footage.


Enjoy This Wonderfully Depressing Supercut Of Bruce Wayne’s Parents Dying

By | 7 Comments

How many times have we seen Batman's parents killed on screen? This supercut answers the question.

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