This Clever Edit Turns ‘Batman V Superman’ Into The Far-Superior ‘Batman V Batman’

The Batman Ben Affleck plays in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t quite the character most of us know and love. Sure, he looks like Batman, but he’s also got an eyebrow-raising taste for gunplay, torture and straight-up murder. That arguably makes sense in the grim and gritty Snyder-verse – even goody-two-shoes Superman kills there — but what if a more, shall we say, old-school Batman got wind of what Batfleck’s been up to? It probably wouldn’t be pretty.

That’s exactly what ScreenRant imagined in a new fan edit, which replaces the Superman bits from Batman v Superman, with Christian Bale’s Batman. The result is the epic tale of Bale’s Batman fighting against a violent copycat who doesn’t play by his rules, which is actually a much better story than whatever was going on in Batman v Superman. And when things look dire, who does the Bale Batman look to for help? Why, the Michael Keaton Batman of course! Oddly, nobody seems to have asked the Val Kilmer or George Clooney Batmans for help. At least give the Adam West version a call.

So yeah, can this be the plot for the next Batman movie? Please? Start backing up those Brinks trucks and make it happen, Warner Bros.

via ScreenRant