The 10 Best Basketball Video Games Ever

Kobe Bryant In NBA Courtside

For many years, our generation was spoiled when it came to basketball video games. Everything from the iconic NBA 2K series to NBA Jam not only kept us up all night, but challenged our imagination. With the next-gen versions of NBA LIVE 14 and NBA 2K14 set to run the world, we’re going back in time to look at the 10 best basketball video games ever.

Although they all — in their own way — were good games, did you ever stop to think which game was better or changed your view on basketball gaming? I came up with a list that ranks the best basketball video games, and I’m sure this will help you muster up the smell of nostalgia. That said, relax and settle down as we take a walk down memory lane.

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10. NBA Live 95
The game that introduced everybody to a series that would later be an household name… NBA Live.

NBA Live 95 (see how that rhymes?) was a game that, without a doubt, changed the meaning of basketball video games in the ’90s. Everything from the overly dramatic sounds of the crowd to the sound of “swish” when a basketball would go through the net gave fans us basketball fans something that we deserved. So next time you decide to take a stroll down memory lane, blow the dust off the Sega cartridge and pop this game in.

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