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Minnesota messed up again, plus Allen Iverson going to Greece?

By 08.04.09
This never would've worked...

This never would've worked...

Can’t the Timberwolves do anything right? The same franchise that used its first-ever draft pick on Pooh Richardson when Mookie Blaylock, Tim Hardaway and Shawn Kemp were still on the board; that cost itself five years of first-round picks just to overpay Joe Smith under the table; that wasted Kevin Garnett‘s prime by not getting him a good enough supporting cast; that may have fumbled their biggest post-KG opportunity at the ’09 Draft; that’s taking way too long just to eventually hire Elston Turner as its next coach — they’ve done it again. On the same day we gave Minnesota credit for making a sneaky-good move in free agency, they turn around and get in trouble with the NBA for leaking details of their 2009-10 schedule before the League officially releases the schedule later today. The Wolves, Cavs and Rockets all got fined for leaks … That said, we know it’s always a big deal when the schedule is released because it’s usually during a slow part of the offseason, but from the League office’s perspective, what’s really the big deal about a team releasing bits and pieces early? Does it have something to do with ticket scalpers? Television money? At the same time, if you’re a team in a league where everybody’s complaining about losing money, why even risk a fine for something as small as pre-releasing a schedule that’s gonna be out the next day anyway? … So who finds a team first: Allen Iverson, David Lee, or DaJuan Wagner? The Iverson situation took the predictable European twist yesterday, with rumors of Greek squad Olympiakos offering A.I. the same two-year, $10 million deal they pitched to Nate Robinson. (Olympiakos is also talking to Linas Kleiza.) As for D-Lee, his agent said there’s nothing new with the Knicks, and it’s looking more and more like Lee will just take NY’s one-year qualifying offer and hit the market again next summer … Speaking of Juanny Wags, Dime’s Austin Burton sent this e-mail on Monday: “Just saw two of the most random jerseys out on the street in a 15-minute span: DaJuan Wagner (Cavs), and a white T-Mac Raptors jersey from the pinstripes/dinosaur days. McGrady actually looked kinda bootleg. It might’ve been fake.” … A few days after Bruce Bowen was said to be deciding between retirement and signing with Orlando, now Boston and Cleveland have joined the fray. We asked about Bowen’s legacy in Smack over the weekend, leading to yesterday’s post where we asked how you’ll remember other players/coaches near the end of the line: Grant Hill (talent or injuries?), Phil Jackson (great or just lucky?), Mike Finley (star or role player?) and more. Another name that came up in the office yesterday was Rasheed Wallace. How will he go down in history? … Shelden Williams officially joined the Marko Jaric Club of players whose arrival to a new teams is only a big deal to the fans because it means his wife will be attending some games. Williams signed a one-year deal with the Celtics, making wifey Candace Parker automatically the hottest thing in the Boston crowd whenever she shows up … Are you rooting for a Lottery team? One of our writers thinks your squad is just one player away from getting back in the playoff picture … Craziness on Twitter last night, courtesy Rudy Gay: “Just now witnessed a robbery! Only in Baltimore, I need to get out of here!” … Another of our favorite NBA tweeters, Marcus Williams, has somehow kicked up his Twitter production even though he has a job now. MW opened up this can of worms last night: “L.A. is the new guard capital! We have no power forwards or centers. Every pickup game is guard infested lol. We killin NY in guards now!” You tell us: Which city has produced the best guards over the last few years? Off top, we’d have to say Chicago, but tell us what you think … We’re out like Shelden …


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