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The NBA’s Top 10 Worst Floppers

By 12.05.11

10. Nick Collison
I’m sorry but anyone who makes much of their claim off of taking charges deserves to be on this list. I’ve ranted about this before, but the charge call is the worst rule in all of basketball. It simply has no positive effects on the game at all, and in a league with dozens of players owning 40-inch verticals, a defender attempting to undercut or get in the way as a player jumps can only cause problems.

If you’re a Thunder fan, you love the way Collison takes charges. It’s a skill. He’s very good at it. He might be the best defensive big man off the bench in the whole NBA. But I just can’t get over the charge thing. It’s not as blatant as what some other floppers do, flopping around all over the place night after night. But Collison uses the whole “Get in someone’s way and fall back” routine as one of his main weapons. Trying to take a charge is a part of the game, but it’s a completely unnecessary and stupid rule. Because of it, we have people like Collison falling backwards all the time instead of playing straight-up defense. He’s great on that end of the court, but you won’t find me defending that style.

9. Chris Bosh
Bosh happens to make this list because of one play only. It’s so egregious, there’s a chance it could challenge even Simpson’s epic fall from last Sunday in the pantheon of flopping masterpieces.

8. Kevin Martin
If we were dividing up flopping into sub-categories, Martin would be near the top in offensive flopping. Despite being one of the league’s best unknown players – how many legit Kevin Martin fans do you know? – the Rockets’ leading scorer is always near the top of the league in free throws attempt. Why? With his skinny body, Martin knows every angle to draw a foul. If you let him get in the lane, just book the call. It’s automatic. Other NBA players ranked him No. 5 in the NBA as a flopper. I’ll give him a little more credit considering a lot of the calls come from the diverse, unique game he owns. Officials just don’t know what to do with it.

7. Kobe Bryant
Can one of the 10 greatest players ever also be perhaps one of it’s greatest floppers as well? Bryant is staring that iconic distinction in the face. Kobe is not only a dangerous flopper (ask Marko Jaric), he’s also perhaps the only man alive to get suspended for flopping and the owner of the preeminent flopping phrase: “HEY!” Bryant’s numerous flops get lost throughout the game because the vast majority of them are on offense, where we’ve come to consider an offensive flop a smart play. That doesn’t change what it is.

6. Paul Pierce
Do I really need to get into this? We know Pierce’s most famous flopping moment: Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals. Third quarter. Pierce goes down in a heap, gets carried off the court and all of Celtic Nation gets greener than usual. But suddenly, a resurrection occurs. Pierce comes flying back into the game, makes two game-changing threes and we never hear about his knee again. As Chuck says: “That’s a Golden Globe if I’ve ever seen one.” But that wasn’t Pierce’s only shining moment. As flopping facial expressions go, Pierce is probably No. 1.

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