Top 10 Comebacks In NBA History

By: 12.16.11

8. 1986 NBA Eastern Conference First Round Game 1 – Washington 95 Philadelphia 94
You want miraculous? Try finishing a game – a playoff game no less – on an 18-0 run, in only three minutes, and THEN hitting a spinning banker from about 26 feet out at the buzzer for the win.

In another instance of complete commentating failure, literally right as the ball is being inbounded with three seconds left, the announcer proclaims Philly will most likely leave Dudley Bradley open to concentrate on other players. Bradley ended up being the man who hit the shot. He did only make 17 threes all season, but there must have been a reason for him being in at the end right? Turns out he could’ve been the team’s No. 1 H-O-R-S-E player.

The Sixers won the series and Dudley Bradley was basically never heard from again, losing out on the chance to be included as a member of the “worst names in NBA history” team. We can safely say that Philly won this war.

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