Top 5 Dunks Of Dwight Howard’s NBA Career

By: 01.20.12

3. Dwight Howard Claims Jrue Holiday As His Child (April 11, 2011)
Howard didn’t get the Sixers just once in this game. He got them twice, and this was the capper. The term “getting dunked on” is used too loosely nowadays. With that BS charge rule, and the restricted lane, there are significantly less meetings at the summit. No one wants to jump and get called for a foul anymore. Better to flop and get a charge call. But Howard found a way around it: Get a lob, and then jump from higher and farther out than anyone else. If I’m Jrue, I would’ve faked an injury after this one. It was so nasty Andre Iguodala, dressed like a 6-7 bank teller on the Sixer bench, had to stand up and catch his emotions.

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