We Reminisce: Kobe’s 2 Weeks Of 50-Point Destruction In 2007

By: 03.06.12

Since 1985 — and I’m using that date as a baseline because it’s as far back as basketball-reference.com’s game-log data goes — no one has matched a scoring streak quite like Bryant’s. It goes without saying you need to be efficient to pack in that many points in a game, but Bryant shot no lower than 49 percent in those four games. The most turnovers he had in that stretch was three, while playing at least 44 minutes.

It wasn’t chance that Williams scored his milestone game against Charlotte, the team that has the league’s worst point-differential and its fourth-worst opponent field-goal percentage. Even though the Nets’ breakout was the only game of even at least 40 points a player has had against the Charlotte D this year, it seems like it was only a matter of time. It was, however, fortuitous considering their owner, Michael Jordan, has a little perspective on big games himself.

Jordan had three games in a row of 50 in April of 1987, including a 61 in the season’s penultimate game.

Fast forward and you’ve got two more streaks to consider. Antawn Jamison had a two-game streak in 2000 and Allen Iverson had a two-game streak in 2004, too.

Williams plays Miami tonight, and if the All-Star doesn’t go for half a hundred again, it won’t diminish his stature as one of the NBA’s top three point guards currently. It only makes Bryant’s streak even more notable.

Where does Kobe’s streak rate in NBA history among the best scoring runs?

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