LeBron James Wins His NBA MVP Duel; Andrew Bynum Goes Berserk

By: 04.05.12
Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum (photo. Jeff Forney)

On a night supposedly reserved for KD/’Bron, we don’t think anyone would’ve been surprised to see Kobe go for 40-plus. He didn’t quite get there (he had 31), but a ridiculous corner jumper in the closing seconds basically sealed it for the Lakers against the Clippers. In the 113-108 win, Andrew Bynum was a force. He muscled his way for 36 points, and yet still found time to chuck up another three. It was at the end of the third of course, but still, Bynum backed up, checked his feet and then let it fly. This dude is funny … Blake Griffin (15 points, 14 rebounds) killed Pau Gasol once in the first minute last night with a putback, then resuscitated him before killing him again with a facial. If we’re Gasol, we’re wearing disguises to hide our shame for the next month. Ruthless stuff from Blake … Dallas got 23 from Dirk Nowitzki and won a huge game over Memphis, 95-85. No one has any clue what to make of the Grizzlies. They’ve gone all year without having everyone together playing well, and now with Zach Randolph struggling to regain his form, it’s hurting everyone. Since becoming an All-Star, Marc Gasol hasn’t come close to replicating his form from earlier in the season, and then there’s Rudy Gay, who’s taking a few steps back after taking five steps forward last year before getting … It was Michael Redd of all people, pushing the Suns one step closer to the playoffs with 19 points in their 107-105 win over Utah … Portland got 24 points from LaMarcus Aldridge in their win over the Nets … On the same night he got dissed by Kanye on wax, Kris Humphries dropped a cool 21 and 11. So now this dude has been mentioned by Kanye in a song, married Kim K, become a celebrity/reality star, become the most hated player in the world AND actually become pretty good as a basketball player all in the past two years or so. WHAT? … Eric Gordon was in the starting lineup last night for N.O., and while he looked like he was running in quicksand, he scored 15 and contributed just enough to help the Hornets play spoiler in a two-point win over Denver … So Philly is just mailing it in huh? They gave up 24 to Andrea Bargnani and lost to Toronto by 21 to give away what shouldn’t been an easy win in their quest to win the Atlantic Division … Danny Granger (20 points) had his second straight big game as Indiana sent the Wizards to the timeout chair, winning 109-96. John Wall has basically said f— it on the season. He actually tried another 360 layup last night and the thing flew about two feet over the basket. Meanwhile, he was getting torched by Darren Collison (17 points, 11 assists), who hasn’t torched anyone in about two years … And Josh Smith‘s 24 spearheaded Atlanta’s 27-point win over Charlotte … We’re out like Pau Gasol.

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