Miami Sleepwalks Before Being Rescued; A Game In Utah Goes 3OT

By: 04.17.12
Al Jefferson

Al Jefferson (photo. Bethany Gilbert)

Utah was desperate for a win, and they got it after overcoming 40 points and a dagger triple from Dirk Nowitzki. Al Jefferson bulldozed everything in his wake, scoring 28 and tying a career-high with 26 rebounds as the Jazz eventually won it in the third extra frame, 123-121 … We never thought we’d see the day when Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook would combine to make one shot in a second half, but they did that last night as the Clippers pulled away, 92-77. Westbrook had a particularly difficult night. Dude shot 4-for-16 and didn’t score a single point after the first quarter, whereas Chris Paul had the best 12-point, 10-assist performance we’ve seen all year … Chicago had been walking a tightrope for a few nights now, forcing themselves to continuously hit clutch triples. But it didn’t happen last night in their three-point loss to the Wizards. Kevin Seraphin had one of those stat lines that you’ll only see in the dead of April: 21 points, 13 rebounds … Derrick Rose didn’t play last night. AGAIN. He was dealing with some soreness in his foot, the same side where he had a problem with his ankle. Does Rose have the worst luck of anyone this season? The injury did rob us of a potential Rose/Wall matchup that would’ve inevitably failed to live up to its expectations … Benny the Bull pulled off another stunt, flying down from the rafters on a cable before nailing a ref in the back of his knee. He’s always pulling some crazy stunt, and this only makes a potential Indiana/Chicago playoff matchup more intriguing. If any mascot is going to get revenge on David West, it’ll be Ol’ Benny … Speaking of West, he led Indiana to a 23-point thumping of Minnesota with 22 points and 10 rebounds. Outside of a late double-digit spurt from the Wolves, the guys in ‘Sota could’ve just told us they were trying to tank and we would’ve had more respect for them … Talk about an odd individual night: Derrick Williams shot 3-for-15, but still had 13 and 10. He also delivered the lone Minnesota highlight. At one point, he caught it in the lane, and drove it home disgustingly hard on half of the Pacers’ roster … Ivan The Terrible erupted for 21 points and eight boards in Atlanta’s 109-87 win over the Raptors. Toronto wore their Brad Miller specials again last night: those heinous camouflage unis that scream “Look at me!” And yes, they were still very ugly. The only one comfortable in those things is Aaron Gray … And Greivis Vasquez dropped 20 while New Orleans was the best of the worst against Charlotte, 75-67 … Did you hear? New Orleans has been awarded the 2014 NBA All-Star Game, the announcement coming just days after the NBA announced Saints owner Tom Benson had purchased the team. David Stern had already announced the Hornets would get the game as long as they got an owner, so at least the conspiracy theorists can climb down off their high horse and relax. It’s only good business to do this … We’re out like D. Rose.

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