LeBron and Dwyane Are The Big Two; Kenyon Martin Turns Back The Clock

By: 05.13.12
Kenyon Martin

Kenyon Martin, Dime #3

The two most entertaining series both involved the City of Angels but who expected Kenyon Martin to ball out in the fourth quarter like he was in Cincy? Most notable this postseason for having a supposed stalker walk out on Denver’s court asking for him, Martin dropped seven of his 11 points (he added 10 boards) in the fourth. For that matter, who expected the Clips’ bench to carry the fourth-quarter swagger that usually belonged to CP3? We can talk all day about what kind of a sign it is for your second round hopes when your bench needs to lead your club in a Game 7 but Martin, Nick Young (13 points) and Eric Bledsoe (eight points) all had huge hands in outscoring the Grizz bench 41-11 in a 10-point win. Bledsoe had a full-court dash to the cup that would have made Danny Ainge get just a tiny bit nostalgic. This was the first time this series Young outplayed his crazy Argentinian flag-inspired shirt from Game 5. That corner triple leaning into the first row was nice and even his missed reverse going baseline was perfect — right into Martin’s hands. … CP3 wasn’t absent or anything, just still banged up and obviously hindered in getting 19 points and nine boards. Blake Griffin had a night worth forgetting on offense (and yet someone will still find something to YouTube from this game) but it was like he’d accepted how bad he was (3-of-12 shooting) faring and went after Zach Randolph on D instead. Nine points and 12 boards isn’t a bad night for Z-Bo in the preseason, but in Game 7 he needed to be better about finding himself in open areas. … A final Agent Zero sighting: 3 minutes, 0-1 from the field, nothing else to report. … We’re out like Memphis to the fishing hole.

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