Humble & Hungry: Dime’s 2012 NBA Draft Diary With Dion Waiters, Week 5

By: 06.04.12
Dion Waiters

Dion Waiters (photo. Syracuse University Athletic Communications)

I wear a lot of custom-made Kobes that I make from Nike iD. I just got three or four new pairs of Kobes, and I like all of them actually. I’ve been wearing a lot of the Jordans that have been coming out lately. My favorite new Jordans that have come out recently are the all-black IIIs, but my favorite joint is the black-and-white XIIs. Those are my favorite ones. To be honest, I really don’t know how many sneakers I have. When I was at Syracuse, I just gave all of my stuff away. I haven’t even been to Syracuse to empty out my locker yet and I’ve probably got like 30 pairs of sneakers in there. They let you keep your locker up there for a little while. They’ll probably clean it out for me though. Throw it all in boxes or something.

I used to give away all my Syracuse stuff to everybody.. to friends, or if a little kid comes up to me after I’m done working out and asks for some sneakers or things like that, I will just give them away.

I would say the biggest sneakerhead that I’ve ever played with is Scoop [Jardine]. I’ve known Scoop for a while. He’s from Philly, though he didn’t really play a big part in convincing me to go to Syracuse. He did a little but it was more Coach Hop [Mike Hopkins].

I’m also big on Twitter, although I forgot when I first got mine. I think it was about two years ago. I just heard everybody talking about it, and I was saying, “Man, I ain’t getting one of those.” Then I turned around and got one. It’s actually cool. You can talk to the fans or people that you haven’t seen in years or old teammates that you played with in camps. You can keep in contact that way so it’s actually cool.

Even on a regular day, I get messages on there from fans all day. It’s non-stop. It’s crazy, especially after the Syracuse games when we’d win, I’d probably have 400 or 500 mentions. People would go crazy for the games. And I would be retweeting a lot but I really couldn’t get everyone. I’d still probably retweet like 150 times. I try to communicate with the fans and everyone on there as much as I can. That’s just the love and support that they give you at Syracuse, and I’m gifted to have that. I’m glad I chose to go to Syracuse.

I recently retweeted a video of a dunk that I had in high school against Oak Hill. It was crazy. That was probably one of the best dunks I’ve ever had. We call those plays classics that you’re always going to remember. It was all adrenaline; I was too caught up in the game. That dunk was actually an and-1 dunk. You couldn’t get a better three-point play than that.

It’s not my most memorable play ever though. I would say one of my most memorable was from this season at Syracuse. We were at the Garden in the preseason NIT. We were down to Stanford by like eight with three minutes to go. We came back and got the win, and I had a big-time and-1.

Each week, Dion will be checking back in with everything he’s going through on his journey towards the NBA Draft (June 28) so stay tuned…

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