Kevin Durant & OKC Are 1 Win Away From The NBA Finals

By: 06.05.12

Manu Ginobili

So naturally, after Popovich probably gave them a tongue lashing, San Antonio almost immediately came out with more energy after the break. Even Boris Diaw was moving with a little pizzazz. Less than five minutes in, and the Spurs had the lead after two Manu Ginobili triples (with another Parker flop thrown in the middle) capped a 18-4 dash. Ginobili went absolutely crazy, and after about his fourth or five incredible deep jumper, it started to dawn on us that he was putting together the best second half since Thomas Sheppard. Step-back triples, shots in the lane, a few minutes without a whip-lashing flop, we loved every second of it. You had to know one of San Antonio’s big three was going to step up and take control, and it might’ve gone on longer had Westbrook not detonated on a fast break alley-oop, and had Gary Neal not decided to take another Melo Center special (he had three or four of them on the night that made you wonder whether his body would mysteriously show up this morning in the San Antonio River). Need any more evidence that OKC is growing up? They ate that burst and spit back out a 20-5 run – highlighted by KD’s buzzer-beater – to go into the fourth quarter having actually WON the third … Man, we would’ve hated to be the refs in San Antonio last night. Throughout the first half, it felt like David Stern had decided to just throw them out into a gladiator pit, lined it with angry Durantulas, and then filled the stands with ornery, and blood-thirsty Spurs fans. During the second quarter, the crowd wasn’t even cheering on San Antonio; they were screaming for someone to violently take out the refs … Somewhat off topic, but we tried out SportsYapper for the game last night. It’s a free iPhone and Android app that works a little like both Twitter and an online forum. You can go into different threads and follow conversations on strictly one topic (in this instance Spurs/Thunder), replying back and forth with other fans. Pretty dope, especially considering how streamlined it is. No hash tags necessary either. You should definitely give it a shot … And yesterday, adidas announced the participants for their 10th annual adidas Eurocamp, which will be held in Treviso, Italy on June 10-12. The camp brings together the best international talent with former/current coaches and players from the NBA. The biggest names who will be there are Evan Fournier and Tomas Satoransky, possible first-round picks this summer … We’re out like San Antonio’s home invincibility.

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