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The Celtics Take The Heat’s Best Shots

By 06.04.12

Rajon Rondo (15 points and dimes) is setting the bar so high for himself. Next year he’ll make $11 million and that should go up to $16-$17 mil to really capture how well he’s taken his team over this year. Even South American dictators are taking notes on how seamlessly this happened. Overnight he went from a stat stud to the reason Boston is still playing. We saw a stat from ESPN about this: In the six minutes Rondo didn’t play tonight, Boston didn’t make a field goal within 20 feet. There’s no attack mode without him. Guys like Keyon Dooling (it’s still random he’s balling like this), who scored 10 points on three threes are feasting because of how paranoid Rondo is making foes. And he’s not content to let KG be his protector anymore, either. At halftime he told ESPN the Heat were crying to the refs. That’s ballsy. Bottom line, he’s playing like good music should sound. It’s effortless, inventive and yet altogether hard to precisely describe. … We hate to rain on the parade in Boston but doesn’t it feel like this is still hardly the C’s series? With Chris Bosh expected to play in Game 5, the dynamic will change in the series — heavily to Miami, that is. While Miami isn’t exactly the Dream Team of ’92 with their depth, they’ve still got the edge on Boston there, and their roster is still in the prime of their talent. The catalyst, though, is Rondo. As he goes, so goes Boston. … We’re out like Pierce & LeBron.

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