The Heat Want Another Hall Of Famer; One Star Could Miss Olympics Because Of Club Fight

By: 06.26.12
Tony Parker

Tony Parker

In one of the most un-Spur-like things he could’ve possibly done, Tony Parker got into a club brawl with Chris Brown and Drake, nearly lost his eye, and now looks like he could possibly miss this summer’s Olympics. ESPN reports Parker’s cornea was scratched in the fight, and the guard has revealed he had to have an operation to remove a shard that had “penetrated 99 percent” of his left eye. What? That sounds painful. Currently, he’s seeing a specialist in New York to hopefully be cleared for the games this summer. But right now, he’s having more hallucinations than Bran Stark, and hasn’t been allowed to leave his hotel room for eight days because of the risk of infection. And people originally made fun of this dude for suing. Remember when Yao Ming very nearly sat out the Olympics in China before deciding, “Screw it. I may not ever be able to walk again, but I’m NOT missing this”? Well, we haven’t talked to Tony, but we bet he’s not about to risk his career to play with one eye. Only Allan Ray does stuff like that … As we wrote yesterday, Houston wants to trade in their two first-round picks and starting point guard Kyle Lowry for two lottery picks, before using those new lottery picks, Kevin Martin‘s expiring deal and possibly Chandler Parsons to pick up Dwight Howard. Is it conceivable? Honestly, with the background of new Magic GM Rob Hennigan – he comes from OKC where they know all about acquiring assets – we could see it happening. The problem though, is that it’s just too soon. Meanwhile, Lowry figures prominently into Houston’s offseason plans because any move they make will probably involve shipping out the 6-0 guard. His contract is unreal (he makes less than $12 million combined over the next two seasons), and he basically shot himself in the foot by telling off Kevin McHale Brandon Roy might really be coming back. It could actually be happening. Minnesota reportedly will offer the retired guard a two-year deal for an unknown amount. Remember, this is the team that originially drafted him before trading him later on in the night for Randy Foye. The team is also interested in going after Jamal Crawford, who is set to become a free agent and has Portland desperately trying to trade him so they can get something for him. With either player, Minnesota instantly upgrades their chances of finishing with more buzzer-beaters next year … And Amar’e Stoudemire apologized yesterday for using a gay slur on Twitter. Some fan criticized STAT’s play this year, and in a moment of weakness, Stoudemire sent back a direct message using a gay slur. The fan took a screenshot and reposted it, thereby basically forcing the Knick to respond and apologize … We’re out like Sullinger.

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